Packing & Seals


Page Belting offers the finest leather packings & seals. These leather seals allow for complete closure to air and hydraulic fluids.

There are many advantages of Mechanical Leather Packings. It is a natural fabric that is not only pliable and tough but also highly resistant to abrasion and wear. It also has a low coefficient of frictions and is suitable for wide ranges of pressures. Leather Packings will not score or abrade, are adaptable to different types of service, can be stored indefinitely and are not affected by sub-zero temperatures. These packings are available in various sizes, thickness, and treatments and can be used for air, water and oil applications.

When ordering leather packings, there is certain information that needs to be obtained. A sketch or blueprint that shows all the dimensions of the packing should be included. Also, it’s important to mention what kind of equipment in which the packing is to be used for, the type of gas or liquid in contact with the packing, the operating temperature, and operating pressure.



Cup Packing

Leather Cup Packing can accompany well with air engines, hoists, presses or hand pumps. Page Belting uses fine precision for...


Flange Packing

Flange Packing is used to eliminate materials from passing along piston rods or shafts. Page Belting uses fine precision for...


Lower Valve

Page Belting uses uniform heavy stock to produce this finished lower valve leather. Other finishes are also available upon request.


U Packing

U Packing is ideal for plungers, rams, or sealing pistons. Page Belting uses fine precision for our Leather U Packings....


Vee Packing

Vee Packings are ideally used for sealing pistons and rods. Page Belting uses fine precision for our Leather Vee Packings....



Our Leather Washers and  Knife Handle Washers are made from vegetable oak tanned that are 100% domestic top grain bends....


Water Well Cup

These leather cups are waterproof and easy to install. Page Belting offers the finest quality to ensure that the proper...