Our Story

The Page Legacy

Charles and George Page founded Page Belting in 1868 to manufacture the flat leather belting used in supplying power to virtually all industrial machinery during the 19th and early 20th centuries – meaning Page Belting has earned its place in the history books as an important player during the height of the American Industrial Revolution. Within a few years, Page Belting Company had become one of the world’s leading suppliers of power transmission leather belting operating out of the largest industrial complex in Concord, New Hampshire. In an industry riddled with competition, the company’s success came as a result of the Page’s obsessive insistence on absolute top-quality workmanship and materials. As a result, Page Belting’s products became world-renowned for their toughness, consistency and long-lasting superiority: a reputation we still enjoy today, because we still employ that philosophy of perfection.

Strength in Diversity

Eventually, the growth of electric power signaled the demise of the vast industrial belting market. Charles and George Page, and the men who followed them were prepared for this eventuality. Page Belting not only survived but prospered and grew by evolving from a single product company to one with diversified products ranging from flat, round and link belts to leather specialties, washers, gaskets, and hydraulics. As the company diversified, so too did it’s manufacturing processes. It added new production facilities and was even responsible for Concord’s first hydroelectric power generation system. Instead of reacting to adverse conditions, Page Belting adapted to them and became stronger.

Improving with Age

In the 1950’s, the company expanded into the promising field of synthetic materials by developing polyurethane impregnated woven products for the textile industry and selling nylon core transmission belting. Today, as a testament to the Page brothers’ vision and commitment to quality, Page Belting Company remains a leader in manufacturing industrial leather belting – and its many other leather, nylon and polyurethane products. The company is strong, resourceful and progressive; operated by people who, like Charles and George Page, are obsessed with quality – continually searching for improvement opportunities and new markets to serve. Much like its original product, Page Belting Company today is tough, resilient, adaptive — and continues to improve with age.